Waterproof LED lighting

Easy installation due to solder-free connection system – cut, clip and press!

CabLED installation
CabLED installation


CabLED is a patented LED strip solution for the direct and indirect illumination of indoor and outdoor spaces. An innovative crossover of cable and LED technologies was designed to create a product range with superior features and performance. Thanks to its 65 and 68 IP-Rating, the LED strips are particularly suitable for lighting applications in harsh and underwater environments. The waterproof LED light strips illuminate entire ships, yachts, swimming pools, ponds, fountains or any other type of underwater world in a magnificent way. The product range includes the »CabLED 2000« and »CabLED 5000« series.

CabLED application
CabLED application

Easy installation

Cut, Clip, Press – the innovative design of CabLED allows an easy installation for the user. The unbreakable and flexible material is connected through a Plug-and-Play-System, to navigate narrow corners or limited spaces that could not be illuminated otherwise. The solder-free connections reduce the installation time making it more cost efficient. The IP rating is maintained after cut and reconnection. However, this only applies to the IP65 rated series as all electrical connections of the IP68 rated version need a hi-tech heat sealing and therefore are delivered completely assembled and in the exact length needed. The CabLED series provide a range of easy to use connectors and mounting accessories, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Multiple applications

All CabLED-systems are completely encapsulated, originally developed for tough outdoor applications. However, we also see the benefits of bringing this technology inside: it’s not only easy to clean and maintain but also convenient for any area in the house, including kitchen and bathroom. The LED lenses are designed the way that temperature and beam remain constant in the encapsulated structure. The ultra slim profile enables the illumination of even very small corners.

Special benefits

The CabLED series has options with a high brightness of up to 1,000 lumen per meter, seamless and continuous length applications up to 20 meters by one single driver. The advanced LEDs emit up to up to 50,000 hours of high quality performance. They are waterproof (IP65 and IP68 certified), energy efficient, salt water and UV resistant as well as flame retardant. Due to the efficient thermal management, no additional cooling modules are needed. In addition, the strips can be easily cut and re-connected up to every 30mm – no soldering is needed.